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Monday, July 9, 2012

Restaurant Refrigerators

It's hard to say what could be more important to a restaurant's functionality than a restaurant refrigerator. There are many different types, each serving a valuable role in the commercial kitchen. From reach-in refrigerators to under counter refrigerators, display refrigerators to sandwich prep, there's a model made for every type of restaurant.

Reach-In Restaurant Refrigerators

These units are available in one-door, two-door or three-door models for refrigerating, and one-door, two-door and three-door models for freezing. Some features of these types of units include top-mounted refrigeration with advanced air-flow management and digital temperature monitoring. There are also reach-in restaurant freezers, perfect for food that needs to be kept frozen.

Chef Base Restaurant Refrigerators

A necessity when it comes to commercial restaurant equipment, chef base restaurant refrigerators come in two-drawer, four-drawer and six-drawer models.

Chef Base Restaurant Freezers

There are two drawer and four drawer models of chef base restaurant freezers. A heavy-duty two-drawer chef base unit may have fully adjustable adapter bars and stainless steel fronts, sides, and top. It's important to get a unit with strong doors that will be able to handle day-to-day workloads.

Pizza Prep Restaurant Refrigerators

Pizza prep restaurant refrigerators come in one door, two door, three door, and four door units and are typically made of stainless steel.

Display Refrigerators

Display refrigerators are the perfect addition to a restaurant if presenting food is needed, like deli meats and cheeses. These are also useful if a restaurant is offering customers meals, snacks, and drinks to take away. For displaying drinks, it's recommended to use one-door and two-door refrigeration units. A self serve display refrigerator is great for allowing customers to pick out what they want.

Under counter Restaurant Refrigerators and Worktop Units

Under counter restaurant refrigerators are useful for storing food below the counter or under a shelf. And worktop fridges allow food to be kept at a safe temperature and provide a workspace for food preparation on top in case there is no available counter space. Both under counter restaurant refrigerators and worktop restaurant refrigerators come in freezer and refrigerator models -- it all depends on what type of food you plan on storing inside of them.

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