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Coolaire Consolidated, Inc. is your best partner in refrigeration. We provide the most reliable solutions to your temperature control needs. And we value customer relationships and make our best effort to be there when needed.

Fiberglass Truck Body

Nothing is compromised when Coolaire is making Refrigerated Fiberglass Truck Bodies - quality is the rule when it comes to PU sandwich panels, high heat-insulating properties, low water absorption, long life, and German technology of high pressure vacuum techniques that comprise these products.

Truck Refrigeration System

Coolaire's own brand of CCI truck refrigeration systems offers superior cooling while maintaining economy. CCI units are optimized with quick pull-down time and ultra-slim evaporators for better airflow. CCI truck refrigeration systems are designed for fresh to frozen applications.

Reefer Container

Refrigeration solutions for stationary and transport use. Coolaire Consolidated's quality-tested Reefer Containers are coupled with cooling systems that are guaranteed to keep your products at the temperature it requires.

Commercial Refrigerators

Coolaire’s Commercial Refrigerators are heavy-duty equipment with all-stainless steel cases. With ranges from half-door, full-door, to countertop variants, they are made for a wide array of requirements such as chiller, freezer, top-freezer/bottom-chiller, blast freezer and blast chiller.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breakfast is Dinner?

Did you know that the word “dinner” used to mean “breakfast”.

The English word “dinner” comes from a French word “disnar”, which means “breakfast.”  Traditionally, dinner (meaning ‘breakfast’) was the first meal of the day, eaten around noon.  It also happened to be the biggest meal of the day, with a lighter meal coming later known as supper.  Eventually, more meals started being added to the day with people eating meals before large noon meal of dinner.  Rather than calling these earlier meals that broke the fast by the word that means breakfast (dinner), the name “dinner” now stuck as meaning the largest meal of the day.  As time has passed, in most cultures that use these words to describe their meals, the largest meal of the day gradually got moved later and later in the day until its meal time was around the time we used to have supper (which used to be a light meal). 

Introducing Quick Shoes

Introducing QUICK SHOES, a new and innovative way to keep your offices and factories clean in SECONDS.

· No need to buy and store a large inventory of employee and guest shoes before they enter your premises.
No worries about contaminated air in your facility.
· No more lines of people forming at your entrance.

QUICK SHOES is not only a convenient way to prevent harmful dirt from going into your premises but also a safe way to avoid the risk of infecting people who go in and out of your factories using the same recycled shoes and slippers.

· Hospitals
· Pharmaceutical laboratories
· Food manufacturing and processing plants
· Computer rooms
· Semiconductor factories

· Lightweight and portable
· No battery required
· Low maintenance and easy to clean
· Easy to store and requires only minimal space
· Can hold as much as 50 plastic covers at a given time
· Once stepped on, a plastic cover wraps the person’s shoe in seconds
· Dimensions: 450 mm X 140 mm X 240 mm
· Weight: 2.4kg

· Convenient and easy to use for visitors and employees
· Prevents embarrassment of removing one’s shoes in public
· Removes burden of having a huge number of guest slippers or shoes
· Avoids risk of infection by reusing guest slippers or shoes
· Keeps fresh air condition and leads to healthier work environment

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pinoy Robot

Is the meat you’re buying safe? Count on the “antibotcha” robot to be able to tell if that meat is a dirty cut.

A team of high school students from Bulacan province developed the robot, which they programmed to be able to tell through color sensors if meat is fresh or derived from long-dead animals, known here as “botcha.”

The students from Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc. (DYCI) were scheduled to leave Monday to bring their robot, Magis Version 2 (Meat’s Anti-Germs and Infection Solution), to St. Louis, Missouri, as the Philippines’ entry to the 2012 Lego League  robot competition organized by For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST).

FIRST is a US-based organization that encourages students to study science, engineering and technology through mentor-based programs and competitions. It was founded in 1989 by American inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen, best known for inventing the automated transporter Segway.

The competition’s theme this year is Food Factor, which challenges students to develop technology that could help keep food safe for human consumption.

“We congratulate the DYCI Blue Ocean 10 for making it to the FLL (FIRST Lego League) and we are optimistic that you would bring honor to the Philippines as you join the international competition,” Filma Brawner, director of the Department of Science and Technology’s Science Education Institute, said in an April 12 statement announcing the selection of the DYCI team as the Philippine representative to the competition.

“It is our hope that our students will be able to use this experience to get into careers in science in the future,” Brawner said.

The 10 teenagers on the DYCI Blue Ocean team are Gladys Leigh Malana, 16, the team captain; Tricia Carmela Santos, 14; Ramikert del Prado, 15; Michelle Arcanar, 13; Kate de la Cruz, 13; Lady Alein Goleng, 15; Jules Martin Agsaoay, 15; Jonathan Alejandro, 15; Dave Adrian Bien, 13; and Tim Jhalmar Fabillon, 12.

DYCI teachers Beryl Jhan Cruz and Romyr Gimeno will coach the team during the competition.

“Competitions become a test bed for our students where they try to outwit, outlast and outplay others through their skills and intellect in science and mathematics,” Brawner said.  “We are positive that this experience will bring out the best from our students.”

The Philippines won the FIRST Robotics Competition in Hawaii in 2009 when it fielded Larry Labuyo in the game Lunacy, where competing robots were challenged to put the most number of moon rocks on the trailer of opposing robots.

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Cooly the Cool Kid: Act 1

Cooly the Cool Kid - Why this ice cream melts so easy?
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Refrigerated Containers - A Versatile Storage Option

Looking for an effective storage option? Versatility is one of the most important things - next to reliability and security - that most people never even think of for good storage. You may not have considered a container as the ideal method of storage for your needs, but the additional potential uses that come with a container make it the perfect storage investment. Easy transportation, refrigeration and customizability are all great features to look for when purchasing a storage option, and all available with a refrigerated storage container.

Containers make for the most convenient and reliable methods of storage, allowing you to securely store inside or outside almost anywhere with enough room. The mobility offered with a container allows you to deliver goods or product to any site where you might need to do business. Catering companies have found refrigerated storage options to be the perfect alternative to expensive and costly refrigerated trucks. Transporting food to a job site doesn't require long loading times for foodstuffs; the container can be easily put on a truck and dropped off where required with everything needed packed inside. This saves time, labor, and with the ability to custom outfit a container, product can be shelved and stored, ready to prepare on-site.

Refrigerated storage containers are also perfect for more static uses. Purchasing a container can save you the expense of upkeep and maintenance involved in building a dedicated freezing room; instead, your only concern will be the power costs of running the container. Keeping away from the commitment of renovations also means, in the event of changing the location of your business, you can simply pick up and relocate your storage facilities.

Refrigerated storage containers are used in several different industries. Primarily, the uses are for produce and other consumables (meats, fruits, alcohol), but they are also a great option for medical supplies as they allow both refrigerated storage and transportation with ease.

For anything that requires temperature controlled storage, a refrigerated storage container provides the most versatility, mobility and reliability. Able to be used anywhere there is room, transported with ease and modified depending on use, storing and transporting goods has never been easier. You don't need to waste money on a permanent, purpose built cold room; save your budget and look into a far more effective container option. Perfect for easy transport as well as on-site, long term storage. Give yourself more options with a refrigerated storage container

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Refrigerated Containers in the Cold Storage Industry

The refrigerated container industry came into existence to provide a specific kind of transport to particular forms of freight. Nowadays refrigerated containers don't just move goods of course. They can usually be purchased, hired or leased from a variety of companies.

Blast freezers 

Blast freezers are a method that companies employ to quickly and efficiently freeze certain food products, namely fish, meat and readymade meals. Unlike other storage methods blast freezer ensures that perishable products that would ordinarily degrade quickly are preserved ad infinitum for a long period of time until they reach there required purchase destination.

Cold storage Containers 

These storage containers as opposed to blast freezers are a way of preserving food much like you would in a refrigerator but on a scale that can be accurately termed as commercial refrigeration. Storage containers might be used for preserving meats, dairy products and delicate fruit ad vegetables. They can also be used for freezing products and usefully often come equipped with a defrost function. Their temperature range is usually from -35c to +35c. They are often waterproof meaning that the storage containers can be located outside thereby avoiding taking up valuable internal storage space. Most companies these days providing commercial refrigeration solutions do so on a rent, lease of purchase basis and usually offer 10ft, 20ft or even 40ft cold storage containers

Storage for the Medical industry. 

Refrigerated containers are also produced and hired out to the pharmaceutical industry. Though not freezer containers, pharmaceutical containers are still tightly specified in that they carry goods such as vaccines that have to be stored in strict temperature controlled environments to ensure that the vaccines remain safe for use with either humans or animals. Pharmaceutical cold storage is often used for carrying other things such as blood and diagnostic kits. Pharmaceutical cold storage, due to the nature of the products that it contains has control systems that are unique to these containers. They usually have two independent refrigeration systems so that if one should fail, an emergency back up is on hand to provide comprehensive storage.

Pharmaceutical cold storage containers also usually have other fail safe systems in place such as sophisticated alarm systems including phone in and out alarms, and temperature recorders.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Types of Refrigerated Storage Containers

Refrigerated storage ends up being one of the more costly and unavoidable expenses for many businesses that require a temperature controlled space for produce, goods or products. It can be incredibly frustrating for any business that needs a cold space - especially when you throw other factors like transport, future expansion plans and relocation into the mix. It's important to have a good look at the different options available before making a decision on which one will be best for your business.

Exploring your options

While freezer rooms are expensive, requiring dedicated space and with a sometimes-lengthy build time, most companies haven't had a lot of choice. More recently, refrigerated containers have become a popular alternative to temperature controlled storage rooms, many finding the added functionality and lower cost incredibly appealing.

Types of refrigerated storage containers

There are a number of different refrigerated container options to suit any business' needs. Just because you don't need a 40ft model with dual temperature controls doesn't mean there isn't a model that will work for you. Take a look at some of the different methods of refrigeration both on the ground and in transit.

Cryogenic cooling

Cryogenically cooled refrigeration containers make use of frozen carbon dioxide ice to maintain a specific temperature throughout a journey. As the ice melts, the gas evaporates and cools the container before being vented out. Cryogenic freezing is often used for longer journeys, as the method is able to keep stored goods cool for over two weeks.

Static storage

For static storage, most containers will offer an electric cooling feature. Just plug them in and leave them to do their job. Because energy efficiency is a major concern it is something that is constantly being worked on; the energy usage of a refrigerated container is a lot lower than that of a cold room with a high level of insulation and specific size to maintain temperature within.

Redundant refrigeration

For extra stability and reliability, redundant refrigeration is a common cold container solution. Two different sets of fuel-powered units are placed at either end of the container, automatically stopping and starting to ensure a constant, consistent environment. If one of the generators does fail, its backup is there to take its place.


Refrigerated storage containers have long been used in transport and are growing in popularity as cool room replacement options. Standard container sizes are in 20ft and 40ft to suit mobility or extra storage space depending on your needs. Some businesses even opt to use two 20ft containers in place of a 40ft to allow easier transport.

Don't waste your money and time constructing a cold room and don't invest in expensive refrigeration trucks to ship your produce. Explore your options, and invest in a refrigerated storage container to take care of your mobile and static cold storage needs, save your business money and facilitate future growth and expansion.