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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Introducing Quick Shoes

Introducing QUICK SHOES, a new and innovative way to keep your offices and factories clean in SECONDS.

· No need to buy and store a large inventory of employee and guest shoes before they enter your premises.
No worries about contaminated air in your facility.
· No more lines of people forming at your entrance.

QUICK SHOES is not only a convenient way to prevent harmful dirt from going into your premises but also a safe way to avoid the risk of infecting people who go in and out of your factories using the same recycled shoes and slippers.

· Hospitals
· Pharmaceutical laboratories
· Food manufacturing and processing plants
· Computer rooms
· Semiconductor factories

· Lightweight and portable
· No battery required
· Low maintenance and easy to clean
· Easy to store and requires only minimal space
· Can hold as much as 50 plastic covers at a given time
· Once stepped on, a plastic cover wraps the person’s shoe in seconds
· Dimensions: 450 mm X 140 mm X 240 mm
· Weight: 2.4kg

· Convenient and easy to use for visitors and employees
· Prevents embarrassment of removing one’s shoes in public
· Removes burden of having a huge number of guest slippers or shoes
· Avoids risk of infection by reusing guest slippers or shoes
· Keeps fresh air condition and leads to healthier work environment


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