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Coolaire Consolidated, Inc. is your best partner in refrigeration. We provide the most reliable solutions to your temperature control needs. And we value customer relationships and make our best effort to be there when needed.

Fiberglass Truck Body

Nothing is compromised when Coolaire is making Refrigerated Fiberglass Truck Bodies - quality is the rule when it comes to PU sandwich panels, high heat-insulating properties, low water absorption, long life, and German technology of high pressure vacuum techniques that comprise these products.

Truck Refrigeration System

Coolaire's own brand of CCI truck refrigeration systems offers superior cooling while maintaining economy. CCI units are optimized with quick pull-down time and ultra-slim evaporators for better airflow. CCI truck refrigeration systems are designed for fresh to frozen applications.

Reefer Container

Refrigeration solutions for stationary and transport use. Coolaire Consolidated's quality-tested Reefer Containers are coupled with cooling systems that are guaranteed to keep your products at the temperature it requires.

Commercial Refrigerators

Coolaire’s Commercial Refrigerators are heavy-duty equipment with all-stainless steel cases. With ranges from half-door, full-door, to countertop variants, they are made for a wide array of requirements such as chiller, freezer, top-freezer/bottom-chiller, blast freezer and blast chiller.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Choosing between Refrigerated Vans, Trucks and Reefer Trailers

Refrigerated vans are not only a very effective way to transport products, but also a nice mode to start a lucrative business. Either way, you should learn more about these vans and our article tries to do exactly that. It will help you better understand how they can help people, who much the investment is going to add up to, so you can better decide if these vans suits you.

You should know for the very beginning that buying refrigerated vans will cost you a lot, and the prices range between $38,000 and $78,000. These values are for new vans, but it’s pretty much the only choice you’ve got, if you want to make sure you get a quality product. By purchasing a used van, you risk a lot and on the long run, the money saved here will be lost on repairs and other nuisances.

Refrigerated trucks are very large trucks, and if you’re just starting out and you don’t know how well your business is going to do, it would be better to invest in a small trailer, such as a reefer trailer. Much cheaper than a regular truck, this trailer also has the advantage of being cheaper to insure. This will keep you initial investment to a minimum, while you see how things go.

Reefer trailers are not difficult to find if you want to purchase one, but choosing one is a bit of a challenge. Positive testimonials and low energy consumption are two of the things you should be looking for, when buying or renting such a van. If you are pointed into the right direction, you’ll have no problem in finding the right prices to either rent or buy such vehicles.

Another advantage that reefer trailers have is the fact that they can be easily detached from the main vehicle and that vehicle will be able to perform other tasks. So simply tow the trailer to its destination, leave it there, do your business, and then come back to get it! When your business is just starting out, and you need your vehicles in different places during the day, there’s nothing better than being able to do so!

A refrigerated van on the other hand offers much more space. However, do you really need all that space? You may not need all of it, and you may not use it, but you’re certainly paying for it. If you know that you won’t have items to take up all the space, and you think this won’t change in the near future, then there’s no point in investing in a large van.

Deciding between a refrigerated truck and a reefer trailer is a very important decision and once it is made it will have a major impact on your business. If you need the additional space than a truck is the best choice, while if you need the resources for something else, go for the latter with no hesitations.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Five Ways to Utilize a Refrigerated Storage Container

As one of the most affordable and convenient methods of storage and cooling, refrigerated containers are quickly making their way to the forefront of use in many different industries. Customizability and diversity in size are just two of the many reasons that refrigerated storage containers are the growing choice for affordable, temperature-controlled storage. Throw in the ability to easily transport products and the advantages are clear.

They aren't just a great alternative for supermarkets either - refrigerated containers have a number of different uses which appeal to a diverse range of industries.

Long-term storage

Refrigerated containers are insulated to keep a specific climate within at all times. For companies looking at long-term storage for product that might otherwise warp, degrade or expire while enduring constant or dramatic temperature changes, a refrigerated container is the ideal solution. From food and alcohol to cigars, furniture, woods and even skateboards, temperature maintenance can be important and easily tended to with an insulated refrigerated container.

Catering and events

Your container can be fitted with shelving, benches and powered externally making it an ideal way to transport large quantities of food and beverages. Perfect for catering companies; why not customize your container to create a kitchen/food preparation area that can be moved from event to event.

Produce transport

Don't spend more on transport than you need to. Forget hiring or purchasing a refrigerated truck for your business; a shipping container can double as storage and a transport option for any temperature sensitive goods. You don't even need to spend time loading the truck - simply put the container on the back. Standard container sizes are 20ft and 40ft to suit your needs and mobility desire.

Temporary workspaces

One of the more inventive ways to use your container; with many people looking for alternative and temporary spaces, especially in areas like Christchurch that have been affected greatly by the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, shipping containers are finding a new use as short-term and contemporary offices. Adjust the temperature to your liking and fit