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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Extend the Life of Your Freezer

Freezers are an essential part of our lives that receive little attention. As homeowners, however, you have interest invested in your appliances, and wish to take care of them and get the best service out of them. There are several things that you can do to extend the life of your freezer. By paying attention to these details, your freezers will last longer, work better, and conserve energy and power.

Keep the Freezer in a Cool Place 

Be sure to have your freezer away from any source of heat. If your freezer does not have to fight against an strong, uneven heat source it won't have to work so hard, and will save energy and conserve its own strength. So do not have your freezer in any place where sunlight can reach it, and away from any heaters. For fridge freezers in your kitchen, keep away from the stove, if at all possible. If you have a chest freezer, try to place it in the coolest place in your home, such as a basement.

Keep the Freezer Well Stocked 

By filling your freezer and having the food items evenly stored, you will make it easier to keep a cold, even temperature. The food will retain the cold and give the freezer a break. So don't be afraid to stock up when you go to the grocery store!

Be Sure the Cold Cannot Leak Out

Check your freezer to make sure the door seals tightly. If it does not sit on in a level position the door may not seal. If cold is escaping, energy is wasted and your freezer has to work harder. The easier time you give to your freezer, the longer it will work for you.

Defrost the Freezer Regularly

If your freezer needs to be defrosted manually, take the time to do this chore every six months, or when the frost has built up to more than half in inch deep. Turn off or unplug your freezer and remove the food and pack it in coolers or the refrigerator until the freezer is completely defrosted. Let the frost melt and drain out all of the water. Then wipe down with a strong cleaner, and deodorize if needed. Wait until the freezer is at the designated temperature (around -17 to -20 degrees Celsius) before restocking. Your food will be less prone to freezer burn and, because of regular attention; your freezer will last longer.

Clean the Freezer

At least once a year, clean the freezer. Wipe down the outside and the gaskets around the lid or door. Clean out any of the components that you can access. Be sure to turn off the power before you begin.

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