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Monday, June 4, 2012

What to Store and What Not to Store in a Display Fridge

These days, most businesses have some type of display fridge. Everywhere from grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and flower shops all have one or more display refrigerators. Even unconventional places, like retail stores, that do not specialize in food or drink often have one. This is because it is a method of enticing the customer to purchase something that they did not even plan on buying. Shopping can be draining, so many stores have a display fridge with cold beverages, like water, soda and energy drinks, at the check-out counter to trigger an impulse buy. Convenience stores have miscellaneous edibles, such as ice cream bars and subs, as well as staples like eggs, milk and orange juice.

The display fridge is a common fixture in grocery stores. As a matter of fact, they typically have several different types. Large display cases with a flat countertop are often used for perishable deli items like lunch meat, cheeses, select beef, poultry, and seafood items. In addition, other cases house prepared sandwiches and various mixed salads that contain raw or uncooked ingredients and are topped with creamy dressings. This gives the customer the opportunity to see the quality of the food, without actually touching it and causing contamination. Another advantage is that the prices are front-and-centre. Stores with a bakery will have another display fridge to showcase delectable creations including cakes, pies, cookies, donuts and other assorted pastries. Customers have the opportunity to see examples of lavishly decorated treats.

Many other establishments that utilize the display fridge are flower shops and places that sell beer and liquor. Keeping flowers cool helps them to stay fresh and last longer, until they are purchased. It also gives the vendor a way to demonstrate various arrangements. Although alcoholic beverages do not need to be kept cool, many customers prefer to buy them chilled so that they can be consumed shortly, whether it is a six pack of beer or a bottle of white wine. With that said, it is nice to provide the option of purchasing a case of beer that has not been refrigerated. As a matter of fact, some people would rather buy beer or wine at room temperature and chill it themselves.

While there are many things that are tailor-made for a display fridge, a lot of items should be kept in a separate area. Basically, anything that does not require immediate refrigeration should not go into a display fridge, nor should food that is meant to remain frozen. Pre-packaged items like appetizers, cartons of ice cream, frozen vegetables, pizza and some seafood, including shrimp or pre-made crab cakes, need to be kept in a freezer to ensure that they remain frozen until cooked. In addition, hot food that has already been cooked and is designed to be eaten immediately, like fried chicken, soup, hot dogs or a slice of pizza, will need to be presented in a specially designed hot food display case.

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